What Causes A Faucet To Leak?

What Causes A Faucet To Leak?

Many homeowners ignore a leaking faucet due to the misconception that it is “no big concern” and is, therefore, not worth calling a plumber.

Approximately 30 gallons of water per day could be lost due to faucet leaks and cost a lot of money. The daily cost of a faucet leaking water may reach $100.

This occurrence can result in inconvenience by causing a shortage of water. Plus, your water bill may hike significantly.

Remember, unlike the synchronized tick-tock of the clock, the plinking sound of water is considered displeasing.

But what causes a faucet to drip? Some common reasons include rust and mineral buildup on internal parts as well as faulty seals, O-rings, or washers.


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How To Identify The Source Of A Leaking Faucet?

Leaks in the facet are caused by many reasons. Most of the time, a simple examination might not get you to the root cause of why my sink is dripping. To identify the source of the leak, it is helpful to have some knowledge of the types of faucets in your home. Mostly a leaking faucet is fixed by replacing the worn-out rubber seals, which can happen over time.

What Are The Causes Of A Faucet Leak?

Faucets are amongst the most overlooked parts of a home’s framework. If they are not regularly maintained, several things can go wrong and lead to a disturbed lifestyle, such as disrupting your sleep, increasing water usage costs, leaving water stains, etc.

According to a study, nearly 1 trillion gallons of water are lost annually in the United States due to faucet leakage. Besides, a standard leaky faucet in a single home can waste up to 10,000 tons of water yearly. However, one may wonder what causes a leaky faucet or why faucets leak.

There are numerous reasons why faucets drip, but depending on the issue, you can repair a dripping faucet yourself.

Let’s look at some leading causes that cause the faucets to leak.

O-Ring Failure

Why does my faucet have a slow drip? Well, O-rings are the biggest cause of dripping faucets. An O-ring is a thin disc connected to the stem bolt which grips the faucet and holds it in place.

It is a common problem, especially with bullet faucets. Over time, regular use softens or wears out a faucet’s O-rings, resulting in a drip next to the faucet’s grip. It can be fixed with a simple O-ring modification.

Washer Issues

The washer is one of the most common reasons why my faucet is leaking. As you turn on your faucet, the washer is pushed against the valve plate, and repeated friction wears out the washer, causing it to drip or dribble water. Moreover, faucet leakage can happen if the washer is improperly placed or is the incorrect size.

If you want to repair your faucet drip, it is best to contact skilled and experienced plumbers to avoid problems after the leaks are fixed.